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LED Lantern

LED Lantern








  • Diving 
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Boating/Kayaking
  • Camping light
  • Emergency flashlight
  • Marker lights



 Why is LazerBrite® a Great Alternative to an Expensive Lantern? 

Glow Dome shown with LazerBrite head; not included.

By screwing a Glow Dome onto the top of a LazerBrite head, one then has use of a small LED lantern. Another great acessory for these battery operated LED lights is the helix loop, which can be used to attatch the light to various objects such as walking sticks or bike handlebars. Another great tool allows one to attach the light to metal surfaces with one of the magnet accessories. Whether it is for tent lighting, emergency use, use during a blackout, or for simply walking from the car to home at night, using the LazerBrite as a lantern lamp is helpful in all situations.

As the LazerBrite is a battery-operated lantern, it is also more convenient and safe than combustion lights. LazerBrite lantern lights are bright, safe, and most of all lightweight. Many expensive lanterns are large and cumbersome, but these tactical flashlights are small and easy to use, but still bright enough to be seen from at least a mile away. Camping lanterns or camping lights are an essential piece of camping gear, and can be used to navigate a campsite, for cooking, reading maps, tent lighting, marking the place of the site or safety hazzards, and more.

Battery-operated LED lights are also very useful during power outages, night hiking, and for use around the house. However, most lanterns are also very expensive, and can be difficult to maintain and carry. As a result, the LazerBrite is a perfect substitute. Not only do the LazerBrite LED flashlights come in six colors, but they are also available in a Multi-Lux version, which has low, high, and flashing modes. In addition, the lantern lights last for several consecutive days, and the batteries themselves have a shelf life of over ten years. 

The LazerBrite tactical flashlight is also waterproof, only weighs around .23lbs, and comes with batteries included.

The LazerBrite tactical flashlight kitThe LazerBrite modular tactical flashlight