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Made in USA

LazerBrite: Roadside Emergency Flashlight

See and Be Seen

Roadside Emergency Kit

Magnetic LED Light Kit

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See and Be Seen with the LazerBrite modular lighting system. Functions as a flashlight and a signal marker at the same. Red flashing LED light heads can be attached to any metallic surface with the micro magnet. Each LazerBrite LED Head provides about 75 hours of bright usable light and it’s batteries have a 10 year shelf life; extremely reliable, ready to use when you need it the most. Made in USA.


  • Unique Modular Design
  • Reversible LED Light Heads
  • Patented Rotational Switch
  • Tough Polycarbonate Construction
  • Batteries have a 10 year shelf life
  • Lightweight in Design


  • Waterproof to 50 meters
  • Floats when assemble as a flashlight
  • Separate into two independent lights
  • Long lasting burn times
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Emulates a Chemlight

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