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Save on cost | Increase Performance | Decrease Logistics
As discussed during the Modern Day Marine 2015 I'm a big fan of the product and used them when I was a Company Commander Communications Company, 1st Marine Division. My Maintenance Management Officer presented the idea of using the Lazer Brite lights in place of Chem lights to save on cost, provide better performance, and require less space/logistical support for exercises. After the first usage I was hooked and purchased additional lights to meet our safety and operational needs when in the field environment and in garrison. One of the safety concerns within a Communication Company during training exercises is marking danger areas in a low light environment. There are areas that need to be highlighted to prevent injury to personnel such as: razor wire used to provide security standoff areas of controlled spaces, generator positions that provide power and present electrical safety concerns, guide wires for antennas need to be illuminated to prevent personnel from walking into them causing equipment outages, damage or personal injury, and areas requiring marking for radiation standoff distances when dealing with certain types of equipment. Previously my unit would put out chem lights every evening and sentries' were required to check them through the night and replace any that faded. Depending on the life duration and age at times required sentries to replace multiple chem lights during low light conditions. The chem lights were only good for one night maximum and had to be replaced each day of training. This required Marines to remove depleted chem lights and then replace them in the evening. Depending on how they were secured to the objects this also required additional supplies. (E.g. zip ties, rope, tape.) With the Lazer Brites we could install them once and turn them on and off as required, additionally we were able to use them for multiple operations. Batteries had a very good burn rate lasting multiple exercises and were very easy to transport. The Lazer Brites provided better visibility, we could use the different colors to mark different safety concerns and also started using them to mark way points and locations. The Lazer Brites were outstanding investment, very versatile, and provided a great solution for safety and operation needs to the unit. I can't endorse your product from at my current official position, but can say from a user's perspective as a Company Commander if given the opportunity I would definitely once again seek out your product for operational use. I personally have a couple of your lights and use them for fishing, camping, hiking, in my car and just around the house because they are so versatile and light weight. Great for boat running lights, emergencies or power outages.
Chem Light Alternative
In my previous unit, we would take 10 boxes of glowsticks in every color when we deployed. This required a significant amount of space and weight and generated a rather large quantity of waste. I personally purchased 2 LB2’s in every color and was able to reduce the team’s dependence on chem. sticks by over 70%. I carried them all in my ruck, taking up less space than two t-shirts, and there was no need to go digging through the pelican cases to find the right color for the job. From JRTC at Ft. Polk, LA, to the Tsunami relief in Indonesia, to the sands of the desert, my LB2’s got the mission done with less waste, less weight, less time, and did it better than any chem. light ever could. Recently, I was assigned to control a drop zone during a training exercise. The IR lighting kit used to mark the drop zone was merely IR chemsticks that lasted only three hours. The final aircraft delayed their pass by over an hour, and consequently a couple of my chemlights had burnt out. I had my LB2 kit with me, and had two IR heads that I was able to use in place of the IR chemsticks. Having this capability in such a small package allowed the mission to be successful despite the challenges faced. This product is superior to any other electronic glowstick on the market, and their applications are virtually limitless. I know of at least 5 other individuals that have personally procured their own LB2 kit for use in their own duties after seeing mine in action. I would recommend this product to just about every military unit I have ever worked for or worked with.
—Staff Sergeant
Combat Training Instructor
Ft. Benning Firing Range
Last night my company was on a firing range here at Ft. Benning. After we were done with the firing, I had to make sure that all weapons were clear. There was ample amount of moon light, but not enough to clearly check the various weapons systems. The light and molle pouch you sent me were a life saver, one weapon that had been checked was actually still loaded with a live round! Shocking to say the least, I feel that I would not have found that round had it not been for your molle pouch and the light you sent. A life may have been saved last night... thanks! And if you have any more of those pouches feel free to send me some more, the other cadre members are jealous.
Best Tactical Flashlight
After 31 years in the Marine Corps this is one of the best tactical flashlightsI have ever used. Very easy to use, great feature allows you to change from red to green
Carl Vanover
Awesome on Patrols
have several LazerBrite units within my platoon. We use them during our patrols here in Iraq. For everything from reading our maps to assisting us with identifying possible IED locations. Just twist and throw! And now with the new updated on switch, we definitely don't worry about being spotted at the wrong time. The IR lights are small and light enough to carry 4-6 in each cargo pocket, to be used to mark each turn of our dismounted patrol. We have also used the IR lights to mark our "blind" entry control points. Overall, LazerBrite lights are awesome!
—Sergeant, First Class
Replaced Chemlights
I have had my LazerBrite 2 since 2005, when I purchased it in Iraq. I have not had to replace my batteries and have used NO chem-lights since purchasing it! My unit now wants to start ordering the vehicle and map kits!
—Staff Sergeant
Well Worth It
This light has many functions and can be very covert or very bright with just a simple twist. This light can be modified with any of the many accessories. Multiple colors are available. I wish I could have three more of these lights! LazerBrite has truly out done them selves with this light. Every soldier should have one of theses. Well worth the money!
Chris F.
More Cost Effective than Chem Lights
I think this light is the best thing the army could use instead of chem lights. They last a lot longer than chem lights and would be way more cost effective in the long run instead of buying and using chemlights.
—Sergeant M.
Better Prepared
I am currently overseas supporting the war on terror and I would like to send my gratitude to you for making such a great product. My Company has a small quantity of the green and infrared tactical lighting system and my Marines like them a lot. They out last the chemlights I give them ten fold. Thank you again for allowing us to be better prepared.
—Master Sergeant, USMC
Aircraft Marshalling
I have mostly used chemlights for aircraft marshalling and towing operations at night. These operations generally take about 30 minutes to complete so using chemlights is very wastefull. Then there is the problem of tool control. Since chemlights disposable they generaly not accounted for; a chemlight could be left in or on an aircraft and nobody would know. I also feel the LB2 has an advantage over using traditional wand flashlights for aircraft marshalling. I can't count how many times I've seen a wand light die just before or during marshalling. During marshalling one flashlight is held in each hand and they are motioned together to instruct the pilot where to go. If one light is not working it can be very confusing to the pilot to say the least. Thats why I especially like the idea of having two lights in one unit. If one set of batteries dies or one led fails you still have a backup.
— SSgt


Multi Purpose
Has gotten to be the neatest flashlight I have ever owned. The many purposes it has, to the shear design of it. I plan on using this every time I'm out jetty fishing. Day or night it will service its purpose and I look forward to buying more of the different color heads to check out and use.
Steven Harris
Easy to Use
What a great product!! Several different features and light patterns to choose from, and so easy to use and change functions. This will come in handy all year long for our many fishing/hiking adventures.
James Barnello
Night Fishing
I love this light; easy to carry and works great night fishing. I use it with the micro magnet on my steel ice chest so I don't have to hold it. Having a green and red light is nice too.
Jerry B.
Wow this light is pretty cool love that it is water proof, very bright and works great for night fishing. Also, I like the micro magnet, and all the other attachments available. I'm going to order more colors. love it!
Frank V.
Versatile Lighting System
This is one versatile lighting system. I will use this a lot for many years to come. This will ride in my truck with me and go everywhere I go. I really like that you can separate the ends and give a friend a light if need be. I break it down and use the lantern feature for an overhead light in my ice fishing shelter. Awesome!
Jason Wells
Waterproof and Versatile
It is very versatile and handy especially wit all the accessories available. I will be purchasing more of these to go in our vehicles and our boat. Waterproof is a bonus.
James W.
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