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Emergency Light

Emergency Light








  • Magnet Bases
  • Marking Stakes
  • Glow Domes
  • Helix Loops



Camping LanternBetter than Chem Lights, LazerBrite®  is Vital for Emergencies

LazerBrites are one of the best tools for blackouts and other home hazards. Safer than candles, and longer lasting than glow sticks, the LazerBrite tactical flashlight helps in any emergency situation. It can be shared between two people by simply twisting off the flashlight heads, or turned into an improved glow stick by pointing the heads inward in the glow tube. Furthermore, by pointing only one flashlight head into the glow tube, one can create a single focused beam. The LazerBrite also comes in six colors, plus infrared, so there are a lot of options for users.some_text

Emergency situations can vary wildly, but the LazerBrite is prepared for all of them. If there is a flood, the LazerBrite LED light is waterproof. If there is a blackout, this tactical flashlight can be used as a glow stick, LED lantern, pointing beam, and a personal light. The accessories allow the LazerBrite to be used to its full potential, such as with the helix loop. The helix loop can be used to tie LazerBrite heads to different objects, such as light fixtures, bike handlebars, hiking poles, and more. The Glow Dome can be screwed onto the top of the light to create a lantern effect. The magnet base can be used to stick the LED flashlight to a metal surface, while the marking stake can be used to mark the position of tents, houses, and more.

Buy the LazerBrite as individual heads, assembled together, or in a kit with accessories, and be prepared for what might happen.

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