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Hiking Gear

Hiking Gear









  • Can be shared between two people
  • Can be used as a glowstick
  • Can be used as a lantern
  • Single mode version and a low-high-flash version




Why is the LazerBrite®  Tactical Flashlight a Crucial Part of Your Hiking Gear List?

The LazerBrite comes in two modes for the convenience of the user. The single mode flashlight has one brightness level, while the multi-lux LED flashlight comes with low-high-flash settings. Both versions of the light come in six colors, plus infrared, and are compatible with the accessories. The LazerBrite is multi-functional, and can be shared with friends or family by twisting off the LED light heads. Furthermore, if the heads are pointed through the glow tube, one has the option of creating a glow stick-like object. If only one head is pointed through the glow tube, it creates a single, focused, beam of light.This waterproof flashlight can be submered over 150ft.

In terms of the accessories, there is the Helix loop, which can be used to tie the LazerBrite heads to objects like walking sticks or tree branches. There are also Glow Domes, which can be screwed onto the top of the heads in order to create an LED lantern. There are also short tubes, magnet bases, and extra batteries available for purchase individually or in the handy Lazerbrite kits.

The LazerBrite also has an advantage over the like of glow sticks, as they are kid-friendly (no chemicals are used), last longer, and emit a far brighter light. As a tactical flashlight, it is also very durable and not easily broken, and it is waterproof to boot. It is also a great piece of lightweight hiking gear, and can be easily held in a hand, a backpack, tied to a walking stick, and more.

LazerBrite comes with the batteries included, so it is ready for instant use.

 LazerBrite is a modular tactical flashlightThe LazerBrite also functions as a water sports flashlight