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Military flashlight

Military flashlight








  • Can be shared between two people
  • Can be used as a glowstick
  • Can be used as an LED lantern
  • Is waterproof
  • Single mode version and a low-high-flash version




Why Does the LazerBrite®  Work So Well for Military Use?

The LazerBrite tactical flashlight is perfect for military useThe LazerBrite tactical flashlight has multiple functions, all of which are perfect for use in the military. The flashlight heads can be removed to share with someone else, or they can be turned around and pointed into the glow tube to create a glow stick. However, this glow stick does not use chemicals, lasts longer, is brighter, and is less likely to break. Furthermore, this LED light can be used as a lantern by combining a flashlight head with a glow dome, or it can create a focused beam of light by simply shining one LazerBrite head through the tube. Furthermore, the tactical flashlight comes with two modes: single and multi-lux. The single mode has one brightness level, while the multi-lux light has low-high-flash settings. The batteries have a shelf life of ten years, and can last for up to 75 hours.

There are other great accessories that increase the usefulness of the LazerBrite as a military flashlight. There is the blackout tube, which substitutes for the glow tube and helps to hide the light if need be. There is also the helix loop, which can be used to tie the flashlight heads to various objects, or the magnet base, which can attach the flashlight to metal surfaces. Then there are the marking stakes, which can be used to stick the LazerBrite in the ground as a marker light.

All of the accessories can be bought separately or in kits, and batteries come included with the light. Currently LazerBrites are being purchased through the military through DOD contracts, direct purchase, or through GSA Advantage.

 See and be seen with LazerBriteLazerBrite tactical flashlight is perfect for any outdoor recreation