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Product Info

LazerBrite® Modular LED Light System.

Reinventing The Flashlight.

Traditional glow sticks glow and traditional flashlights produce a beam, but the American made LazerBrite® Modular LED Light System does both and a whole lot more. Users are able to customize each light to meet specific needs.

Each LazerBrite® unit can:

  • Emulate a glow stick.
  • Function as a wide-angled flashlight.
  • Separate into two lights for sharing
  • Produce a focused spotlight.
  • Multiple units can be linked together to create a longer light baton in any color combination.

Bright | Long Lasting | Durable

LED bulbs are visible from over one mile away and never need replacing. Lazerbrite is fully waterproof and batteries come included.  Long burn times provide reliable lighting when you need it. LazerBrite is built tough in Moab, Utah with the highest quality components we can find.  GET LAZERBRITE NOW! See additional product information in the spec sheet below:

Specification Sheet

See additional product information in the spec sheet below: