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On the boat, in the water, at the beach—find your way with LazerBrite 

Few recreational destinations require the training and precaution it takes to discover our planets lively marine environment… still you've got the guts to jump in. But as you set out to explore dark caverns, coral reefs and forgotten shipwrecks, stay safe and mark your path with LazerBrite®. Submersible to 50 meters, one LazerBrite unit can function as a handy dual-mode flashlight, separate into two lights and convert into a powerful glowing tube—the perfect night diving marker. Available in 6 visible colors plus infrared LazerBrite is literally the ultimate diving companion!

In The Water:

• Use in single-mode for quick non-verbal communication i.e. switch from green to red to indicate low air or another emergency

• Dive Masters: mark yourself in one color and students in another for easy recognition

• Fill with water and LazerBrite sinks—useful for drop tank or other critical underwater marking

• Use as a emergency signal to grab attention when needed

On The Boat:

• Visible to 1 mile above water, LazerBrite® is an attention grabbing emergency signal

• Great small craft/emergency navigation lights (use a red green with bulbs pointing away from the tube for port and starboard, and a white head for the rear light)

• Mark your boat both above and below the water, LazerBrite floats or when filled with water sinks

• Use singularly or add the dome for a marker with ultimate illumination

• Each unit easily converts from flashlight to glow tube or a combination of both, so you can see and be seen around the boat

On The Beach:

• Use LazerBrite to mark beach entry/exit points and other important landmarks

• During low visibility or night dives use in flashlight mode to locate gear or other necessities

• Save expensive underwater flashlights and use LazerBrite for your quick above-water lighting needs


Batteries are included and with up to 150 hours illumination you can rely on LazerBrite® to be ready when you are.

Versatility galore! Fasten your LazerBrite to a host of specially designed accessories giving you the capability to utilize LazerBrite in a variety of activities and scenarios.

Trusted by the United States Military

If you don't love LazerBrite® We'll buy it back. Period.

12 American manufacturers from 8 different U.S. states provide the custom components for our lights, accessories and packaging. Enjoy.

Mark your path with LazerBrite!