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Our History

In the spring of 1998, Doug and Greg Kennedy, opened a camping store in Moab, Utah, called GearHeads Outdoor Store. One night after work, a conversation about lights and gear led to a concept for an innovative new lighting device. Clear Products Inc. was founded in 1999 to produce the first LazerBrite flashlight.

Early on, the US military identified the LazerBrite system as an important improvement on the chemical lights (glow sticks) it had been using for decades. In 2005, the company changed from a C corp. to Tactical Lighting Solutions, LLC (TLS) and expanded the product line with a number of accessories.

In early 2010, TLS launched the 3rd version of the LazerBrite system and several new accessories.

Made in USA

LazerBrite and its' accessories are proudly made in the USA and built tough in Moab, Utah. Supporting over twelve other American Manufacturers from 8 different U.S. states, Tactical Lighting Solutions, LLC stands behind its' commitment to American Manufacturing.

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