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5 Light Single Mode Landing Zone Kit - Improved

  • This Single Mode Marker Kit comes in an IMPROVED POUCH with 5 LazerBrite® Modular Flashlight Units, 5 Heavy Duty Marking Stakes, 5 Glow Domes, 5 Long Glow Domes, 5 Iris Light Control Tubes, and 24 extra batteries. 


    This kit can be used for military operations, helicopter landing/drop zones, Search and Rescue, EMS, and disaster management. You can also use this kit in your outdoor recreation for marking trails or campsite hazards, such as tent guy lines or other obstacles. These extremely durable and waterproof flashlights can be left outside in any kind of weather. 


    Each 10” heavy-duty steel stake has a threaded top which slides out of the way when you hammer it into the ground. Once in place, simply screw a LazerBrite LED head or full unit onto the threads. The included Glow Domes and Iris Light Control Tubes allow you to fully customize the lights to your requirements.


    The fabric case features four internal Velcro pockets and is made from durable nylon. G hooks and snaps on the case allow multiple kits to daisy chain together. 


    Case is available in Coyote Brown or Multi-Cam.  Choose your case color from the drop down menu. Select the LED light colors in the second dropdown menu, or for custom light combinations, please contact us.


    For Military / Agency Bulk Pricing, CLICK HERE. Contact Greg Kennedy at 435-260-3117 or email

    Game-changer for signaling and marking requirements! Dramatically reduce chem light use, reduce load and logistics, improve safety and sustainability, increase versatility, and save tons of money.

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