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Deluxe Accessory Pack (5pc)

  • The Deluxe Accessory Pack is the perfect way to maximize the potential of your LazerBrite® Tactical Flashlight. This kit includes 1 Glow Dome, 1 Threaded Attachment Loop, 1 Helix Attachment Loop, 1 Micro Magnet, and 1 Iris Light Control Tube. 

    • Glow Dome: Attach to the top of any LazerBrite® Light Head to create a super light, super bright marker, signal, or lantern.

    • Threaded Attachment Loop: Connect into the base of any LB LED Head for a handy durable loop—allowing you to attach your LazerBrite® to carabiners, clips, hooks, lanyards, and cords.

    • Helix Attachment Loop: This amazingly simple accessory allows LazerBrite LED heads and full units to be attached to clothing, straps, ropes, bike handles, hiking poles, personnel, vehicles, equipment, antennas—just about anything!

    • Micro Magnet: A single, powerful, rare-earth magnet encased in durable plastic. Screw on to the base of a LB LED Light Head and position on any magnetic surface, i.e. vehicles, cockpits, inside buildings, workstations, and equipment.

    • Iris Light Control Tube: A simple, highly-functional accessory that adds even greater versatility to the LazerBrite Modular Light System, allowing you to protect your night vision and keep your light source discreet. More details HERE.


    For Military / Agency Bulk Pricing, CLICK HERE. Contact Greg Kennedy at 435-260-3117 or email

    Game-changer for signaling and marking requirements! Dramatically reduce chem light use, reduce load and logistics, improve safety and sustainability, increase versatility, and save tons of money.

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