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Mini Iris Light Control Tube

  • The LazerBrite® Mini Iris Light Control Tube allows you to protect your night vision and keep your light source discreet. This compact version has the full functionality of the regular length Iris Light Control Tube.


    Use the Iris Light Control Tube in three different ways:

    • Point both LazerBrite® heads into the Iris Tube and adjust the side aperture to increase or decrease light emission. 

    • Point one head into the Iris Tube, with the aperture closed, and leave the other end open to create a discrete focused spot without side light emission. 

    • Utilize the discrete spot and open the aperture to create light at your feet and in front of you.


    Check out the full length Iris Light Control Tube HERE.  This popular accessory is also available in many of our KITS.


    Package Contents:

    • 1x Mini Iris Light Control Tube


    For Military / Agency Bulk Pricing, CLICK HERE. Contact Greg Kennedy at 435-260-3117 or email

    Game-changer for signaling and marking requirements! Dramatically reduce chem light use, reduce load and logistics, improve safety and sustainability, increase versatility, and save tons of money.

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