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Multi-Lux Military Light Kit - Visible Light Options

  • LazerBrite® Multi-Lux Heads have three modes (low-high-flashing). The LazerBrite Modular Light System replaces single use/throw-away chemical lights (glow sticks) with a reusable LED light system that runs for days on one set of batteries and serves as your favorite personal flashlight.


    This is the same incredibly versatile Military Light Kit trusted by all branches of the US military. Each LazerBrite Unit consists of 2 independent LED heads & 1 translucent tube. Reversible head technology allows this light to emulate two different color chem lights, function as a wide-angle flashlight & marker light simultaneously, separate into 2 lights, or produce a focused spot.


    LazerBrite provides unmatched versatility in a long burning, light weight, waterproof system (50m).  This kit represents 300 hours of usable light (approx. 75 hours per head, per set of batteries). 


    LazerBrite Multi-Lux Lights operate on LOW-HIGH-FLASHING modes. LazerBrite SINGLE MODE lights operate on HIGH in any switch position.  Single Mode vs Multi-Lux: What's the Difference?


    Available in 6 visible colors. For Infrared Options, CLICK HERE.


    For Military / Agency Bulk Pricing, CLICK HERE. Contact Greg Kennedy at 435-260-3117 or email

    Game-changer for signaling and marking requirements! Dramatically reduce chem light use, reduce load and logistics, improve safety and sustainability, increase versatility, and save tons of money.

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