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Single Mode LED Head Military Light Kit - Visible Light Options

LED Color
  • The LazerBrite® LED Head is a lightweight, durable, waterproof flashlight (50m). Used by the military, outdoor enthusiasts, first responders, and law enforcement for lighting, signaling, and marking requirements. These heads can also be used in conjunction with other LB lights & accessories. 


    Each kit includes one LazerBrite Single Mode LED Head w/pre-installed batteries, 4 accessories, and a backup set of batteries. Available here in six visible colors. Also available in INFRARED, (IR requires Gen3 night vision goggles).


    Runs for days on one set of batteries.  This kit provides 150 hours of usable light (approx. 75 hours per head, per set of batteries). 


    LazerBrite Single Mode lights operate on HIGH in any switch position. See LazerBrite MULTI-LUX for LOW-HIGH-FLASHING modes. Single Mode vs Multi-Lux: What's the Difference?


    For Military / Agency Bulk Pricing, CLICK HERE.

    Game-changer for signaling and marking requirements! Dramatically reduce chem light use, reduce load and logistics, improve safety and sustainability, increase versatility, and save tons of money.

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